Beyond Bubbie

Food – whoever you are you have a story or a memory about it. Everyone has something they love to eat, something they can’t eat and something to say.

Beyond Bubbie is a project that was developed by Reboot in the USA. It is an interactive  community cookbook and a place to share the stories and memories connected to these recipes.

Traditionally, a Bubbie (the Yiddish word for grandmother) is Jewish and of Eastern European origin.

Beyond Bubbie embraces today’s eclectic multicultural world, and offers that a “Bubbie” could just as easily be a favorite uncle, beloved family friend or next door neighbor; their trademark recipes might be Moroccan cigars, Korean short ribs, or vegetarian couscous. What makes them a Bubbie in our book is the love they’ve poured into these dishes, and the memories they have created.

Piece of Cake worked with Mekella Broomberg to produce an evening of live storytelling about food and family – to bring Beyond Bubbie to life in London.

Hosted by Jay Rayner tale tellers included Edd Kimber (The Boy Who Bakes); Sasha Wilkins (Liberty London Girl); Itamar Srulovich (Honey & Co); Caroline Hobkinson (Stirring with Knives) and Ana Silvera (Musician). Tales were told, food was shared and money was raised for the worthwhile cause that is The Ministry of Stories.

We hope that this event will become a regular fixture in the diary.

In partnership with REBOOT
Photographs © Rosie Lodge